The Illusion Shower Pan

With the patent-pending Illusion Shower Pan, you have no unsightly drain. All you have is a missing grout joint around a floor tile over the drain, The cover can be the same tile as your floor to make a seamless look so it is not noticed, or you can use a different tile or even granite to highlight the floor. The choice is yours. Experience a custom shower in a way you have never been able to before with the Illusion Shower Pan.

Illusion Shower Pans are custom built to your specifications no matter what shape or size. Because the Illusion Shower Pan is a single piece construction and built from the highest quality raw materials, your new Illusion Shower Pan will be leak free when properly installed. Every Illusion Shower Pan created is custom fit specifically for your shower space and comes pre-pitched with the correct slope for water drainage. We also offer Illusion Shower Pans that are ADA accessible, as well as shower benches that integrate the same custom look of your Illusion Shower Pan.

The Illusion Shower Pan can be installed in a half hour, and tile can begin installation in as little as an hour after that. This compares with a couple of days for the more traditional rubber-membrane-and-mud-bed solutions. This saves time and as the old adage goes, “Time is money!”

Whether you are looking for that one-of-a-kind look, trying to save time – or both; the obvious choice for your next shower space installation is the Illusion Shower Pan!

Check out this easy installation…

Installation Instructions

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