The New Standard For Shower Installations

ITS shower pans are the New Standard for Shower Installations! Here at Innovative Tile Solutions we have developed a patented product that has revolutionized the way your new or remodeled shower space can be built.

Each ITS Shower Pan is custom built to your specifications no matter what shape or size. Because our shower pans are totally encapsulated and built from the highest quality material, your new ITS Shower Pan will be leak-free when properly installed.

Unique Benefits of our Shower Pans

  • Easy & simple to install – even for a novice
  • No mud bed
  • Installs in minutes versus 1-2 days for mud bed
  • Install pan and lay tile the same day
  • Custom made to any shape, size or drain location
  • Perfect floor slope for drainage every time
  • Totally encapsulated with water proofing membrane to insure no leaks
  • No expense for drains or waterproofing kits
  • Mold & mildew resistant
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty takes the liability off the installer or retailer
  • Can be made to ADA standards
  • Full UPC approval on all shower pans

What Our Customers Are Saying…


“I’ve been a tile installer for over 20 years and when my customer specified the EZ-Pan I was somewhat skeptical. But after installing it, I changed my mind completely. They custom designed it to fit our design requirements and my installation was simple and fast. I’m sold and have been telling all my contractor friends.”

-RL, Alabama

“My luxury hotel client wanted both a luxurious bath design but without the risk of water leaks. Through research I discovered the EZ Pan and it has not only given us the best design solution without building code concerns, but it has also helped reduced our construction times.”

-DG, Connecticut

“My wife wanted a really special shower in the master bath of our new home. Our interior designer told us about the Illusion Shower Pan, and when we investigated it, we knew that this was the perfect foundation on which to design our dream shower.”

-AK, Tennessee